Here are links to suppliers, agencies and other bee-related stuff.

Equipment Suppliers

Most of these big equipment suppliers don't offer live bees.

  • Mann-Lake
    Mann-Lake is the biggest. They offer free shipping over $100. They have a retail store in Woodland, CA.

  • Dadant
    Dadant is one of the oldest suppliers of beekeeping equipment. They are also the publishers of American Bee Journal, one of the two major beekeeping journals in the US.

  • Brushy Mountain
    Offers full line of equipment including cypress woodware; also offers live bees.

Bee Suppliers

Some fairly nearby suppliers of live bees.  If you want a nuc, you will have to pick it up.


  • American Bee Journal
    You can preview their current issue on their web site.

  • Bee Culture
    The other major bee journal, formerly "Gleanings in Bee Culture". Published by the A.I. Root company for over a hundred years.