Here are links to suppliers, agencies and other bee-related stuff.

Equipment Suppliers

Most of these big equipment suppliers don't offer live bees.

  • Mann-Lake
    Mann-Lake is the biggest. They offer free shipping over $100. They have a retail store in Woodland, CA.

  • Dadant
    Dadant is one of the oldest suppliers of beekeeping equipment. They are also the publishers of American Bee Journal, one of the two major beekeeping journals in the US.

Bee Suppliers

Some fairly nearby suppliers of live bees.  If you want a nuc, you will have to pick it up.


  • American Bee Journal
    You can preview their current issue on their web site.

  • Bee Culture
    The other major bee journal, formerly "Gleanings in Bee Culture". Published by the A.I. Root company for over a hundred years.