Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best variety of bee for our area?
A: Carniolans, Russian crosses and Varroa Sensitive Hygenic VSH strains are popular in this area. We have several members who raise local survivor stock queens every year which seem well adapted to this environment also.

Q: I only have one hive and I don't want to buy a lot of extraction equipment. Does the club have an extractor I can borrow or rent?
A: We have purchased an extractor as a club, and it is available for members to borrow. The club also has other equipment such as a decapping heatgun, knife, filters, and decapping tank to borrow.

Q: Is the Africanized Honeybee here in this area?
A: Only Clark county in Nevada has reported this type of bee as of 2018. One of the benefits of our location is cold long winters which Africanized bees do not tolerate.

Q: How do I get started in beekeeping? A: First, read up on the subject and ask yourself what is your reason to get bees. There are normally 4 reasons people get bees, for business, pollination, honey, environmental stewardship, and any combination of these. Second, come to a meeting and get advice from an experienced beekeeper, Third, relax, join the mentor/mentee program, get some bees and have fun!

Q: Where can I get bees? A: The NNBA has a group purchase of 3lb packages every year, simply prepay and wait for delivery, catch a swarm, buy a colony or nuc. Be cautious of purchases off of Craigslist, many are old queens, substandard equipment and some have disease.

Q: I have heard about Varroa Mites, are they as bad as everybody says? A: Yes, Varroa Destructor is the modern scourge of honeybees. This mite will destroy a colony without beekeeper intervention.

Q: I am moving to this area and would like to know how many colonies may I legally keep in Carson City, Sparks, or Reno? A: the latest information is Carson City and Sparks - 2 colonies, Reno City, Washoe, Douglas, Carson, Churchill and Lyon counties - there no restrictions with a HUGE caveat. If, a neighbor or landlord thinks they are a nuisance for any reason, and there are plenty of reasons, you will more than likely lose and the bees will have to be relocated. So, it is best to not broadcast your bees location, provide them with water and the “out of site out of mind” suggestion is very valid.